San Diego, Chicago, and everywhere in between

As a player: available for weddings, parties, funerals, proposals, recording sessions, and any other occasion.

As a composer/producer: commercial jingles, customized songs, remote recording (to add violin/etc to your track), ambient tracks.

As a teacher: specializing in Classical violin, American fiddle, Irish fiddle, jazz, improvisation, and contemporary styles.


Performance + Pedagogy

When instrumental music was reintroduced to Cornerstone Elementary School in 2001, violin teacher John Wang stepped on stage and demonstrated his instrument by playing the title theme to Star Wars. Sarah was immediately hooked and hasn’t stopped playing since she rented a violin and a Suzuki book the next day. A Bachelor’s degree in Music from Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of the Performing Arts provided the strong technical background for the versatility needed for a successful independent music career.

Since graduating in 2013, Sarah’s been a member of numerous bands and has sat in with musicians from everywhere in between Chicago and Los Angeles, Cape Cod and Key West. From bluegrass fiddlin’ to shredding art rock to soulful jazz licks, she’s done it all and is game for anything. This attitude landed her in her main project: Sugar Still. Sugar Still formed in 2015, featuring ripping improvisation and vocal harmonies with Wisconsin troubadour Charlie Cheney, and they’ve been touring the US and Canada with a minivan and notebooks upon notebooks of original lyrics from the road. With over 300 performances, Sarah bloomed in this band as a composer and lyricist, adding collaborations and writing credits with musical artists from around the world.

Music is a gift Sarah loves to share with others through performance, teaching, or both at the same time. Any style, any time. Her goals of teaching:

Critical thinking
Strong technique
Music theory
Improvisation (if desired)

For rates and lesson/booking inquiries, please email fiddlerblick2017@gmail.com