These policies are designed to maximize the efficacy and joy in each music lesson. Flagrant disregard for these policies may result in termination of lessons. They’re not that difficult, my friends.

Lesson Rates and Payment

  • Payments can be made by cash, check (to: Sarah Blickensderfer), or Venmo/Paypal (@fiddlerblick)
    • Payment must be made before the start of an online lesson
  • Single-lesson rates for in-person and online:
    • 30-minute: $35
    • 45-minute: $50
    • 60-minute: $60
  • 4-lesson packages:
    • 30-minute: $120
    • 45-minute: $175
    • 60-minute: $200
  • Recurring single lessons must be paid for a week in advance
  • Recurring 4-lesson packages must be paid for at the last lesson of the each cycle
  • Instrument rentals
    • $30/month
    • After 2 months of renting, option to purchase instrument for additional $50


  • Be respectful of the studio space
    • Be nice to the cat and don’t leave trash behind
    • If your shoes are dirty, leave them by the front door
  • Mind your fellow students
    • If you are waiting for your lesson, please wait quietly in the kitchen for the previous lesson to finish
    • This is a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Disparaging remarks about fellow students will not be tolerated.
  • If parents/partners/siblings wish to observe the lesson, they can do so as long as they are quiet and not distracting to the student.
    • If the student is distracted, the observer will be asked to leave. There’s no hard feelings, I just want to provide the best possible learning environment. The observer is welcome to hang out in the garden for the duration of the lesson.
  • It is respectful to show up promptly to each lesson with as much preparedness as you can.
    • Late policies detailed below
  • Please do not eat during the lesson. Drinks are allowed, and if you’re of age and wish to bring beer, bring one for me as well!

COVID-19 and Health

  • I don’t want to get sick. If you don’t feel well, either use a sick day cancellation or wear a mask.
    • Masks and hand sanitizer can be provided.
  • If the student or someone in their household is positive for COVID-19 and the student refuses to wear a mask, a sick day cancellation/regular cancellation will be applied and no lesson will take place.
    • If I get COVID/am feeling contagiously sick in any way, I will adjust schedules and payment schedules as necessary for lessons to continue when I am feeling better/testing negative.


  • Sometimes we’re late to things, we’re only human
    • When possible, communicate your ETA so I can plan accordingly
  • If a lesson is scheduled right after yours, your lesson will end at the appropriate time no matter what time we started.
    • If this is due to student tardiness, the full lesson amount will be charged.
    • If this is due to teacher tardiness, arrangements will be made to make up the lost time.
  • Chronic lateness (2+ lessons in a row) will result in a schedule adjustment if necessary


  • Cancellations and date changes must be made within 24 hours of the lesson time or the payment is forfeit
  • “No-show” lessons will be dropped from the schedule if it happens twice in an 4-lesson timeframe.
    • “No-show” means not showing up and providing no communication
  • Students are allowed one (1) “sick day” cancellation per month with no less than six (6) hours notice
    • Recurring “sick days” will result in a schedule adjustment
  • Online lessons: there is a 15 minute grace period from the start of the lesson. No indication of presence after 15-minutes will result in a “no-show”.
    • Check your equipment beforehand! This grace period also applies to equipment troubleshooting, otherwise we will have to have our lesson over the phone or by chat (not nearly as effective).